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After a career in Mental Health and an interest in Real Estate, I decided to change careers and become a Realtor. My broker's push toward cold-call prospecting and telemarketing surprised me. The lack of openmindedness in general and the dearth of inventiveness in marketing shocked me. They lied to me and expected me to treat my clients differently.

WebHomeUSA Executive Summary So, I took courses on business, blogging and marketing. I developed an idea called the Identity Hook Marketing Method. WebHomeUSA is the first application of the method marketing Real Estate over the Internet.

The paranoia of Realtors toward the use of technology and the information revolution still surprises me. We have the Internet, the greatest tool since dual agency and Realtors still fight it at every turn. The Realtors who embrace the Internet and technology best will succeed most. We can't beat the Googles, the Yahoos and the Zillows, so we should join them. Its not an "if" but a when, and the sooner the better.